Freeman Labor Force Japan Co., Ltd.

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"Help Oneself by Helping Others"


reeman Labor Force Japan Co., Ltd. is a unique staffing agency dedicated to meeting all your labor needs by tapping Japan's quality and committed foreign workforce. Our guiding principle is that society will continue to prosper as productive relations between foreigners and Japanese flourish. We believe Japan's world-renowned industries have produced successful companies that rightfully expect a committed, hard-working and compliant workforce. Many foreign laborers are creating new lives for themselves in Japan, while supporting family members - often both here and abroad. This reinforces their dedication to the job at hand, the companies for which they work and their generous host nation. Freeman Labor Force is proud to serve as a bridge between such workers and companies by providing opportunities for them to help themselves by helping one another - and hence Japan.

Our staffing services include:

  • Dedicated, reliable and documented laborers
    Professional punctual workers who are willing and able to perform the specific tasks for which they are trained. We also handle and provide documentation of their working status in Japan.
  • Full responsibility for our workers 
    Freeman Labor Force cares about its workers and clients, alike. We develop close relationships that enable us to assess and aid workers with their personal as well as professional lives. This includes regular on-sight visits to the workplace to ensure laborer and client satisfaction.

  • Attentiveness to tax and insurance needs
    We understand that each client has unique needs, and we work to ensure they are met. To minimize the administrative impact on our clients, we assume full responsibility for paying workers' taxes and work with clients to ensure they have health insurance and other legal requirements.

The Founding of Freeman Labor Force

Samuel Freeman, a former laborer from Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa, founded Freeman Labor Force after a decade of plying his trade in Japan. His experience with various Japanese companies and workers from around the world shapes our commitment to success.

Mr. Freeman observed that many foreign workers here and abroad are willing and able to work hard for Japanese companies if given a chance. Since, however, most are not fluent in Japanese or familiar enough with Japan's customs to access the opportunities it has to offer, they were missing out. Similarly, because of cultural and linguistic differences, companies relying solely on Japan's shrinking native workforce were also missing out.

Having embraced the local language and customs, and being well versed in Japan's labor industry and its needs, Mr. Freeman struck out on his own to bridge that gap. He founded Freeman Labor Force Japan Co., Ltd. in 2005 to help workers realize their dreams, and to help local companies realize the valuable asset these honest and sincere people can be to any workforce.

Mr. Freeman chose his family name for the company, in part, because it means all men and women are free to do what is right and necessary to ensure a fair and comfortable living for themselves and their families. He also understands that free men or women needn't have a diploma or degree to earn such a living; all that is truly needed is a common sense of our modern world and the God-given determination to achieve a practical goal. It is a lesson, like others he has learned in Sierra Leone, Japan and elsewhere, that he hopes to pass on for the benefit of the world at large.